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Principal's Back to School Welcome

August 2023

Greetings Families,

On behalf of all DMS staff, we are thrilled to welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year at Dimmitt Middle School!

At Dimmitt, we empower each other to be compassionate citizens and daring thinkers.  We value equity, innovation and rigor and prepare our scholars to be college ready, career ready and ready to lead the future.

At Dimmitt, all scholars matter.  Valuing scholar voice and centering their agency is a top priority for our work this year, especially as we come together to redefine the future of our school. Elevating expectations and expecting nothing less then excellence (from scholars and staff alike) is critical as we craft a new narrative and shape the opportunities available to our scholars.  Fostering joy in learning and reimagining the classroom experience for middle school scholars can shape a scholar's academic identity, inspiring  them to think beyond the constraints of society as they evolve into champions of equity and agents of change.  Learning cannot be isolated in the four walls of the school building.  Our scholars must be out in the community, exploring and connecting with local industries and working to solve relevant and meaningful problems.  

This year, scholars will write more than ever.  They will read critically and speak with power and purpose.  They will learn to have conversations across lines of difference and construct viable arguments, leveraging scientific, mathematical and primary source data as evidence.  The will be given space to think creatively and explore divergent perspectives.  They will work in community with one another, making sense of the complex ties that unite us together and challenging those that break us apart.

We will all learn together and learning in its purest form is FUN! It inspires, it empowers, and it transforms anything less than that isn't learning at all.

On behalf of the staff here at DMS, we're ready to level up the middle school experience for our scholars because that's what they deserve.

Looking forward to a great year!  We hope to see you soon at our 23-24 DMS Viking Day and our DMS Block Party BBQ.

Viking Business Day

August 22nd from 8:00-3:00pm- Pick up your schedule, pay for school supplies and get your required vaccines!

DMS Block Party BBQ

August 24th from 2-3:30pm

Celebrate the new year with live music, performances, tons of food and more!  Meet your teachers, connect with our new administration, see the classrooms and tour the school.

Looking forward to connecting soon.  Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

All the best,

Tracey Tymczyszyn


Dimmitt Middle School



Renton School District Chromebook Protection Plan

The Chromebook Protection Plan is an optional (but strongly recommended) annual plan that provides an inexpensive solution for families to lessen the financial burden if their child's Chromebook is significantly damaged, lost, or stolen.

Home Hotspot Parent/Guardian Request

If you do not have internet access in the home the district will provide you with a wireless hotspot that provides free access to the internet at home.

This paperwork will be available during Viking Business Day and we will be happy to answer any questions families may have.

Please call the school if you have questions about this exciting opportunity for our students. 425-204-2801